Overchurch Junior School

School Uniform

We believe that the wearing of a school uniform enables children to identify with their school, gives a sense of belonging, is practical and smart, reinforces a positive work ethos and reduces expenditure for parents/carers.

We have looked carefully at the school uniform and want to give parents the choice to have have badged / non-badged items, whilst still retaining our distinctive identity as a school community. We recognise that there are variations in school uniform available from high street retailers and that our parents and carers want to support us with upholding our uniform guidelines.

Please do not purchase uniform that does not follow our guidelines.

School Uniform

  • White polo shirt.
  • White shirt
  • Dark grey skirt, trousers or shorts
  • Bottle green sweatshirt, cardigan or jumper
  • Green only gingham dresses may be worn in the Summer term
  • Black footwear

P.E. Uniform

  • White polo shirt or t-shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Black or bottle green hoodie / black or bottle green sweatshirt
  • Black tracksuit bottoms or leggings for colder weather
  • Trainers or pumps

Where to buy school badged items

School badged items of uniform can be bought from the following suppliers.

Marks and Spencer OJS Uniform Page

ID Uniforms OJS Uniform Page

Wirral Textiles OJS Uniform Page

OJS Pre-loved Uniform

As part of our school’s commitment to caring for the environment, we have established the OJS Uniform Swap.

We have lots of pre-loved uniforms available for anyone who wants it and it is completely free of charge.

You can come into school and collect items from the storage unit kept in Reception or you can complete the order form  and we will let you know when your items are ready to collect.

Please make use of this great opportunity to:

“Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!”

Jewellery and Hairstyles

On Health & Safety grounds we do not allow children to wear jewellery in our school except for simple studs when ears have been pierced. Hairstyles should be sensible and suitable so that children can concentrate on learning.

NB: On Health & Safety grounds, we do not allow children to wear jewellery to school. The exceptions to this are stud pierced ear-rings. We ask the children to remove these during PE lessons or, if they cannot be removed, to cover them with a plaster brought in from home. This is to prevent them from causing injury.

Make up and cosmetics are not considered appropriate or consistent with our school uniform. The school does not permit such products to be worn by any children, unless there is a specific event for which the Headteacher has given permission.