Overchurch Junior School

Modern Foreign Language (Spanish)


Spanish at OJS


Spanish LTP 24-25 

At Overchurch Junior School, 3% of our pupils begin their schooling speaking a different language to English. It is vital that children are equipped with a critical understanding of the opportunities that will open up to them with the ability to communicate in a different language.

Further, we know language teaching develops:

  • An appreciation of other cultures and traditions;

  • An in-depth knowledge and re-enforcement of a child’s understanding and acquisition of grammatical knowledge and application;

  • It underpins language and communication by improving speech and pronunciation skills

The planning maps the key objectives from the National Curriculum to ensure that progression is clear from Year 3 to Year 6. Planning identifies how children are expected to improve each year and the desired knowledge domains we want them to know and remember.

To complement our teaching of English, children’s skill application is developed through the familiar domains of: listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar. Thus, supporting children to develop stronger schematic links to their English teaching overall.