Overchurch Junior School


At Overchurch Junior School, we believe every child can master an understanding and love of Maths.

A combination of quality first teaching and the Maths No Problem scheme of work, based on The Singapore Maths teaching model, provides our pupils with an excellent maths curriculum. We also teach arithmetic as a discrete lesson each day to ensure numerical fluency.

We foster a ‘can do ‘approach that is inclusive, we believe that with the right support, maths mastery is available to all.

The daily maths lessons build on prior learning, systematically varying the apparatus and methods used to solve problems, this enables children to craft powerful connections between concrete, pictorial and abstract.The use of varied techniques such as bar modelling, number bonds and mental strategies help to promote numerical fluency. The lessons build a deep and sustainable understanding of maths. Maths No Problem also provides an online assessment tool that allows the teachers to identify gaps in knowledge, allowing intervention at an early stage.

Maths at OJS


Long Term Plan

Multiplication tables check: information for Year 4 parents

Year 4 Multiplication tables check information

‘Mathematics is, in its own way, poetry of logical ideas.’ Albert Einstein.

‘Mathematics is the most beautiful and most powerful creation of the human spirit.’ Stefan Banach.