Our Mission


Respect, Believe, Achieve


Our school is a family where everyone works together and every child is encouraged to realise their potential.

We believe that children should love and respect each other and the world around them.

Children who leave Overchurch Junior School will be confident, considerate, independent learners with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for life-long learning.


At Overchurch Junior School, we have developed 7 principles of learning that run throughout our curriculum:

  • Resilience – determined; self-controlled; persistent; courageous; diligent
  • Empathy – fair; compassionate; kind; courteous; unselfish
  • Self – Awareness – self-confident; self-disciplined; honest; humorous; adaptable
  • Positivity – motivates; optimistic; inspirational
  • Excellence – creative; curious; inspiring; proud; critical thinker
  • Communication – listens; influences; reflects; evaluates
  • Teamwork – cooperative; responsible; caring; makes decisions; helpful; patient