We are so excited for our new Year 3 pupils to join us in September but know that this is a time of change and new routines which can be a source of increased stress and anxiety. We therefore have organised as many transition activities in preparation for their start to the Juniors. Additional transition will be organised with those who the Infant staff have highlighted as high need. All the staff have received additional training around anxiety and offer a supportive and nurturing welcome to our newest members to the Overchurch Junior family.

We are fortunate to be able to offer-

  • Zoom meetings with the new class teacher and supporting staff- each class will have a zoom meeting to ask prepared questions they have discussed with their current teachers, to alleviate any worries and to further plant seeds of excitement!
  • Face-to-face meeting- this will be in their new classrooms for September so they are able to get a feel of their new environment, see the route to the toilets and have a short practice at being Juniors.
  • A video from their class teacher- this will be via YouTube so can be played as many times as necessary with a family member from home so they are able to know the faces to look for on the playground in September.
  • Opportunity to play on the Juniors playground- this will be during their 2 weeks in school, they will be regularly invited over to the Junior playground to build confidence of a new environment with friends and familiar teachers,
  • A scavenger hunt around as much of the building as safe to do so without coming into contact with other pupils, this will be to gain confidence and understanding of the school layout.
  • A map of the school will be sent over to the infants so they are able to discuss their trip to the Juniors with a loved one at home.
  • Organisation of lunch time picnic- weather dependant the children will be able to bring their packed lunches over to the Junior field to have lunch with their new teachers.

These are unprecedented times and we are working closely with the Infants to ensure a smooth and exciting transition into Year 3. If you have any further queries, please contact Miss Jackson via the school office 0151 677 4150 or Mrs Walton our Pastoral Lead.

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