Return to school September 2023

School will open for pupils on Wednesday 6th September. The doors will be open from 8.45am.

Doors for entry 

All children will come on to the school grounds via the playground gate.

Year 3 will enter the school building through Oak Door (the bottom door by the picnic tables)

Children in Years 4,5 & 6 will enter the school building through Maple Door (the door next to the bike shelter).

Door exit

At 3.20p.m. children will leave the school through the following doors:

Year 3

Apple, Ash & Larch will leave through Oak Door (the bottom door by the picnic tables)

Year 4
Hawthorn, Beech & Willow will leave through Oak Door (the bottom door by the picnic tables)

Year 5
Cherry, Pine & Silver Birch  will leave through Maple Door (the door next to the bike shelter)

Year 6
Lime Class, Rowan & Sycamore will leave through Maple Door (the door next to the bike shelter)

Useful Information


We believe that the wearing of a school uniform enables children to identify with their school, gives a sense of belonging, is practical and smart, reinforces a positive work ethos and reduces expenditure for parents/carers.

We have looked carefully at the school uniform and want to give parents the choice to have have badged / non-badged items, whilst still retaining our distinctive identity as a school community. We recognise that there are variations in school uniform available from high street retailers and that our parents and carers want to support us with upholding our uniform guidelines.

Please do not purchase uniform that does not follow our guidelines.

Please ensure that all your child’s belongings are named. We do not have a dedicated lost property area. ‘Lost’ items are checked for names and are returned to the pupil.

School Meals

School menus are run on a termly basis, with a three week rotation. The menus are published below. We charge £2.40 per meal and this should be paid in advance. There are NO universal free school meals in Overchurch Junior School. Please follow the link below for information on eligibility for Free School Meals.

Advance notice is not needed to have a school dinner, children choose what they would like for dinner each day.

If you provide your child with a packed lunch please remember that we are a healthy eating school and a nut aware school. We therefore ask parents to avoid sending in any nut based foods into the school to reduce the risk of serious allergic reactions.


Report an absence.

Please use the form to report pupil absences by 9am each day.

Prescribed Medicines

Please complete this form if your child requires prescribed medicine to be administered during the school day.

Appointment Notification Form.

Please complete this form to inform us of any medical appointments that your child may have during the school day.

Wirral Children & Young People’s Department  Application for Leave During Term Time.

Important Dates

  • Thursday 7th September – School photographs
  • Friday 8th September – Year 4 Barnstondale Consent forms will be emailed to parents. These need to be returned no later than Friday 15th
  • Thursday 28th and Friday 29th September Year 4 at Barnstondale